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Introduction Nemidon Gels....Available for the first time in Canada



All Black N Blue is a 100% natural gel made in New Zealand. The fast working gel offers relief from acute injuries like soft tissue damage, sprains, muscular aches and pain associated with arthritis. All Black N Blue penetrates deeply to reduce inflammation.

Nemidon gels where the most used gel by all practitioners working with the professional golfers playing in the British Open. A favourite with health professionals as the gel does not affect the adhesive qualities of sports strapping making it ideal for post and pre exercise massage and recovery.

Health professionals also enjoy the benefits of All Black N Blue while using Ultra Sound equipment. It is ideal to use with Frictional massage techniques and post manipulation.

EZE is a 100% natural massage gel made in New Zealand. EZE is specially formulated to treat chronic recurring injuries and breakdown scar tissue. EZE offers deeper penetration, fast acting relief and works perfectly with Ultrasound treatment.

The natural marine based gel does not affect the adhesive qualities of medical tape, so it is perfect pre tape treatments. Not only for health professionals and professional athletes, EZE gel can be used by anyone for fast acting pain relief.

Ultra Hydration Gel from Nemidon is a unique, patented approach to essential skin hydration. Medical studies have shown the Ultra Hydration Gel deposits large amounts of water onto the skin providing the appropriate moisture levels.

This prevents the loss of water from the skin proteins in dry air, yet unlike oil based substances, permits excess water to flow through skin pores thereby allowing it to breathe. It is important it is to keep skin moisturized, dry and clean to help prevent cracks and fissures of the skin which may lead to bacterial or fungal infections.

Ultra hydration Gel moisturizes quickly, leaving clean, dry skin. Adhesive taping can be applied immediately after application. Ultra Hydration Gel assists the prevention of infection by maintaining skin integrity.

Nemidons Chafe Block is a 100% natural product made in New Zealand that prevents skin irritation and chafing. The Unique formula allows the skin to breathe while protecting it from friction and the elements like wind and sun.

Chafe Block was designed to help athletes perform in tough conditions. It offers continuous protection even after sweating and being in sea or cold water. Once out of the water Chafe Block will drys and provides long lasting protection. We see you triathletes!  

This unique formula allows skin to breathe and stay protected while sweat and water pass right through. It removes easily with warm soapy water once you've crossed the finish line. 

Nemidon Footcare gel is 100% natural moisturizing gel from New Zealand. Essential oils in the scientifically proven, unique formula not only moisturize the feet but also deodorize, soothe and prevent fungal infections.

By treating and preventing cracked skin on the feet the gel assists in fungal and bacterial infections, leaving your feet feeling fresh and fragrant. Long lasting effects mean that minimum application is required to hydrate the skin.

Nemidon Footcare Gel moisturizes quickly, leaving clean, dry skin...without painful cracks.


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