Tulip Single-Use TRUE NanoFat Five Set Pack

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This single-use closed system helps size adipose tissue so that it is injectable with 27g and 30g needles.

Tulip's patent-pending NanoTransfer - taking fat transfer to the smallest level.



Kit for 5 Procedures Includes:

  • 5 each Single-Use NanoTransfer Generation II
  • 5 each Single-Use Sizing Transfer 1.2mm 
  • 5 each Single-Use Sizing Transfer 1.4mm 
  • 5 each Single-Use Sizing Transfer 2.4mm

Why consider single-use instruments?

  • Over time reusable cannulas can corrode and become more porous, creating potential harbors for microbial growth.


  • Now with Tulip’s Premium, Single-Use GEMS, related risks of infection and cross-contamination is virtually eliminated


  • Tulip quality in a single-use device.