TDP CQ-35 Digital Heat Lamp

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Features a Digital Timer and Small Lamp Head

New Deluxe Model TDP Lamps has overcome the disadvantages of the older generation TDP lamps. - Includes all CQ-29 features and more..
- Bigger diameter head: 7 inches 
- Computer chip 
- Electronic timing 
- Digital control 
- Liquid crystal display Why is the Improved TDP CQ 35 so special? Increased timing range (95 min) 
Notifies you when to change the mineral plate 
Timing Warning device 

Second generation lamp Upgraded Timer design, Microcomputer Processor, Digital & Liquid Crystal Display, Accumulative Memory Timing. The Timer will add, counts and calculate Accumulative Usage Time of the Lamp and inform when to replace the Mineral Plate (changing the Mineral Plate needed when it has been used for 1000 hours and Potency is low). Using TDP Mineral Lamp with Potent Mineral Plate will improve the Therapeutic Effect of the TDP Mineral Lamp. Timer has Extended Treatment Timing Range Setting 5 min. up to 95 min. Protection Cap added to protect the Mineral Plate from damage and Prevent Burn Injury. The Electric System Protection: Circuit Board, LCD Digital Display Timer, Heater and Mineral Plate Protected with TOTAL OF TWO FUSES , located in the fuse box (ALL OTHER LAMPS HAS ONE FUSE ONLY). Five Legs Base for firm stability (ALL OTHER LAMPS HAS FOUR LEGS BASE) The Lamps "Crane Neck" system support pneumatic, improved, so it will support any position include horizontal. Why is Second Generation Lamp better than First Generation? This TDP Lamp CQ-35B is a second generation lamp, which has been improved based on the first generation "magical lamp". Both the first generation TDP Lamp (CQ 12B & CQ 29) adapt a mechanical timing mode, which might be not be accurate after long time of usage. The mineral plate must be replaced after 1500 hours of usage, otherwise it's therapeutic effect will be decreased. However CQ-12B and CQ-29 does not notify the user when to change the mineral plate. The TDP Lamp CQ-35B has overcome many disadvantages of the first generation TDP lamps (CQ12B & CQ29). In addition, the timing range is increased and a timing warning device is added. TDP Lamp CQ-35B is using a accumulative time, which is convenient for users to use the timing function. The TDP Lamp CQ-35B will also notify the user when to change the element plate (changing element plate needed when it has used for 1500 hours) and therefore improve the therapeutic effect. TDP Lamp in Asia is also called "Healing Lamp". Specifications: Infrared emission: 2 to 50 microns 
Output: 60 Hz, 250 watts
Power: 110 volt
Digital Timer: YES
Digital Display: YES
Auto Timer: 4 digital LCD Indicator
Emission plate life: 1,200 to 1,500 hours (approximately 2 years)
Intensity: 28 to 34 mw/sq cm in intensity
Treatment Distance, range: 12" to 18" (30 to 45 cm)
Optimum skin temperature: 104 to 113 Fahrenheit (40 to 45 Celsius)
Warm-up time: 10 to 15 minutes
Extendable range: 24" vertical, 24" horizontal
Min/max height: 12" to 60" above floor
Telescoping main post:12" adjustment
Device head adjustment: tilted up to 90 degrees, rotated 360 degrees