HWATO Long Acupuncture Needles

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Hwato acupuncture needles have been manufactured for over 130 years The combination of premium Chinese grade surgical steel, modern technology, and centuries of traditional expertise results in an acupuncture needle of supreme reliability, sharpness, and safety. Its popularity translates into large production volumes, ensuring a reasonable price without compromising quality. The needle is made from select 18-8 surgical grade stainless steel. It is first polished and then hand-sharpened by highly experienced employees into the proprietary 'pine needle' shape. Years of company research and clinical experience has shown that the 'pine-needle' shaped point is optimal for minimizing pain on insertion. Hwato Needles Handle: Copper, wire-wound loop Guide Tubes: No This bi-metallic needle, with its copper handle with traditional end loop and surgical grade stainless steel shaft, favoured for its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity by practitioners around the world.


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