Genie Table Cleaner

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Myo-ther Genie Plus is a unique disinfecting spray cleaner that contains benzyl
ammonium chloride for disinfection.  A great combination of active ingredients enhances the effectiveness & cleaning power.

Function: This product was developed for use in the health care industry. The unique formulation effectively cleans dirt and grease away from tables and chairs, and disinfects as part of proper infection control practice between patients.

Versatile: suitable for cleaning all surfaces of naughahyde, vinyl, plastic laminate and leather. Not for use on cloth upholstery.

Effectiveness: Genie Plus cleans and polishes surfaces, removing stubborn stains. It leaves no sticky residue when wiped dry, and it breaks down silicone build up.

contains no alcohol: This product can be safely used for cleaning upholstery, vinyl, plastic laminate, and leather. It does not contain alcohols that cause drying and cracking of upholstery.

Packed in a 4 litre jug