Rock On Athletic Balm

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"It's the balm for sore muscles!"

Organic, Vegan, and Loaded with Clay

Rock On Athletic Balm is designed for athletes looking to reduce recovery time. It's an ideal alternative to products that use unnecessary chemicals on your body. 
Rock On Balm is made of the purest ingredients and the natural healing properties of glacial clay from the mountains obeautifulul  British Columbia. This clay contains a natural negative charge, which when placed topically, draws out the positively charged elements in the body. First Nations have known about the natural healing abilities of this clay for centuries.  
Formulated by Canadian doctor Syl Corbett to help her and her athletes shorten recovery times to take their athletic performance to new levels. Trusted by some of the top NHL players, several other professional athletes, and scores of everyday weekend warriors.


The product is to be applied topically, directly to areas of soreness as the minerals will be absorbed into your skin and allow the natural healing properties of the clay to reduce your recovery time and experience of pain. Based on experience, Dr. Corbett recommends also applying the Athletic Balm post-exercise as well as before bed as that has yielded the best results based on feedback from her athletes.