Neurotrac Rehab IFC TENS EMS

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All In One - IFC, TENS, NMES alleviates pain and recovery by combining high and low frequency TENS and NMES with IFC.

The grey (left side) control 2 Channels of Inferential current controls while the blue side (right) controls 2 channels of Muscular Stimulation (NMES) or TENS. Both are controlled separately from each other.

IFC Details:

Abrupt (ABT) - Output with low frequency for a set time and then an abrupt change to high frequency for the same time. Cycle is repeated over programme duration.

Ramp or Sweep (SWP) - Stimulation frequency ramps smoothly from low frequency to high frequency for a defined modulation time, then back. Cycle is repeated over programme duration.

Intermittent stimulation (WORK/REST) - Output amplitude ramps up in 0.5 sec. to adjusted level and stimulates for a defi ned WORK time, then it ramps down in 0.5 sec. to 0 mA, and stays with no stimulation for a defined REST time. Cycle is repeated over programme duration.

Continuous (CON) - constant value pulses.

TENS & EMS Details:

TENS Continuous (CON) - constant Frequency and Pulse Width current. Good for Pain Gate Mechanism.

TENS Modulated (MOD) - the cycles of concurrent width frequency and pulse width modulation. Good for longterm pain relief treatment.

TENS Burst Modulated (BST) - A burst of high-frequency impulses, repeated twice every second. Good for local pain relief.

Work/Rest stimulation (NMS) - Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses. It is commonly used as a therapeutic intervention for muscle strengthening. It can be used to augment the strength of either injured or healthy muscle.