Myo-ther Advantage Deep Tissue Cream

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A Multi-purpose massage lubricant providing exceptional coverage in a thick and creamy formula.


This super creamy lubricant has a luxurious feel throughout a massage and afterward. Your client will leave their appointment without feeling oily or sticky.

Long-lasting lubrication with enough slip for effleurage and enough drag for deep tissue work minimizing the need for reapplication. 


It is odourless and can be used as a base, allowing you to customize the lotion to your own requirements with essential oils.


Myo-ther Advantage is hypo-allergenic for patients and practitioners with sensitive skin and it has a neutral PH.

Clean Up

This lotion wipes off the skin easily leaving it feeling soft and silky. It is removed completely with soap and water.

Water Dispersible

It is water dispersible to minimize staining. This lotion leaves no residue on sheets or towels helping prevent odour.


Available in 4 Litre Bottles