ELASTIKON Elastic Tape

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ELASTIKON elastic tape is made of a high twist, cotton elastic cloth tape  with a rubber based adhesive. It is best used where pressure dressings requiring  elasticity are needed as after a mastectomy.  Since ELASTIKON conforms to difficult to bandage areas as elbows, knees and shoulders, it is particularly usefull for support  strapping, fractures, and muscle injuries. ELASTIKON elastic tape is porous so the skin can breath and moisture can escape.  The rubber based adhesive holds firmly yet is gentle to remove and leaves minimal residue.  The edges of ELASTIKON elastic tape are feathered and the adhesive stops 1/8" from the edges to help insure comfort and ease of removal. A red line down the back of the tape aids in uniform application.

  • Natural rubber backing, not latex free
  • All rolls are 2 1/2 yds long unstretched, 5 yds stretched
  • Use for humans, pets, livestock, particularly horses
  • Individual rolls are not boxed but are bagged
  • Purchase individual rolls or full box