RAD Tools For a Better Swing

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RAD Tools For a Better Swing

As hard as the golf swing is to master there is a condition that makes it even harder. Tight fascia!
Fascia?!? That's a term rarely heard on the tee box, fairway, or 19th hold over drinks. But, it could be costing you yards on your drive and precision around the green.
Fascia is a general term for the continuous stream of fibrous tissue throughout the body. It gives muscles their shape, connects muscles to other muscles and bone, and generally holds everything in place on your skeleton.
Tight fascia results in stiff and sore feeling muscles and can lead to dysfunctional movement habits. This can lead to overuse injuries, power reduction, and an inefficient swing sequence.
Taking care of your fascia can keep your muscles healthy and your score low! RAD roller has created a line of self-myofascial release tools that can keep your swing loose and powerful.
Here is Nick Meuller, Director of Golf Performance at Vancouver's Innovative Fitness, demonstrating some golf related exercises with RAD Roller tools: 

Open your shoulders with RAD Roller



 Hip Mobility with RAD Roller:






 For more information on how RAD Roller tools can help your golf game contact tanner@goodmanmedical.com. Happy swinging!